Tory MP says wait on election

Helena Guergis, a Conservative MP from Ontario, released this to the media:
“We will use our influence to make this minority parliament work for Canadians,” said Guergis. “I believe Canadians are not anxious to fork over another $250 million to fund another election so soon after the last one. is basking in the joy of having found this press release. There is of course only one problem - it's over a month old. Check the date it says "March 10" on the top of the release.

Guergis made these comments before the explosive testimony started to come out from Gomery, and especially before the deal between the Liberals and the socialists was signed that changed the budget.

The Toronto Star, the CBC, and CTV, have always had a nasty habit of recycling old news and bringing it back like it just happened yesterday. This is the first time I've ever seen it happen on the internet.

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