Canadian Dimbulb Numero Uno: Pamela Anderson

Well Pamela ain't so happy with the unethical treatment of chickens from KFC. She won't even meet to discuss it with the Prez of KFC at all.

I find this all a little too typical of the Canadians turned Krazyfornians. Pamela Anderson seems to be worried so much about the unethical treatment of animal like her PETA friends, I wonder where these people are to decry the unethical treatment of plants? Afterall plants have feelings too.

Pam is a self described vegeterian. How horrible.

Doesn't she have any compassion for the poor Onion that never hurt anybody else only to get diced and sliced so capriciously? Doesn't she feel for the poor carrot, that did nothing to anybody, but gets horribly uprooted from the ground without a care? And what about the plight of poor head lettuce, doused and drugged with anti-insectides?

Do you know what the cause of vegitariniasm has done make certain plant life extinct?

How horrible indeed.

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