Good Riddens!

All I can say about Belinda Stronach's defection to the Liberal Party is Good Riddens! I wonder how much dirty money the rich kid got from brown paper bags to clinch this deal?

You're now Paul Martin's problem. I've resisted the urge to critize her on numerous occasions for her complete lack of political brains, but no more. That rich kid won't win her ultra-conservative riding come the next election.

This is a betrayal that goes deeper than being Conservative or Liberal. This is a betrayal of Canada.

We will not forget.

Addendum: Angry in The Great White North wonders what info Stronach took with her? It reminds me of a post I made a while ago about moles in the CPC... The pieces are starting to fit together on some of the problems Harper has been having of late. And on another note Peter MacKay's political future is as of this second dead. I'm sorry, maybe it's the cynicism of all this, but I don't believe the spin.
Addendum II: "Ask not what you can do for your country - ask what the Liberal Party can do for you." - Belinda Stronach.

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