Trudeau's Shadow

Trudeau's son Justin has made it clear that he thinks the Liberal Party should spend some time in the wilderness.

It's impeccable timing from the son of the former Liberal Prime Minister. His father being the most notoriously Leftist Prime Minister of Canadian history, daring to visit Communists before anyone else, being a suspected Commie himself, and now his prodigeny is giving Conservative leader Stephen Harper new ammo.

Of course we have to think though about Justin's own personal leadership ambitions. Trudeau's name is remembered with either ire and hatred, or reverence. His son has always been touted as a potential future Prime Minister. If he isn't playing politics it is certainly dumb luck that this works out so much to his favour for a potential leadership run himself.

Once the Liberals are trounced, he would come in as the outsider there to save the Liberal Party. It's the stuff the media just goobles up.

Beware the Trudeau.

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