Something Scam, or another something...

I just watched the CBC. They reported on some more cash changing hands in brown envelopes - this time with elastics wrapped around it. Apparently there is now direct evidence that the Liberal Party received $50,000 in cash that was funneled through Jean Brault. The money apparently paid for 9 party workers. This new witness "what's his name" is claiming that disgraced Liberal Alfonso Gagliano gave him a threatening call. Alfonso for his part says he called this guy to console him.

I would apologize about the lack of details, but I won't. I'm tired. I'm fed up. What does it matter who said what or did what anymore? Paul Martin says he never knew about the unity fund. Jean Chretien says he did. One of them has to be lying. Some guy said that at the inquiry. Another guy said something else. More money passed around in brown paper bags. Oh but wait the sponsorship program was necessary to save the country! Yes we need to save the country from the seperatists! Because saving the country means violating election laws. So many contradictions. So many lies.

If Canadians are afraid of the Tories, if they're worried about them being crazed with a drive to power, they really have little clue what they're talking about. It's the Liberals they should be worried about.

Worry about the Wolf herding you, not the mouse trying to save your behind from the Wolf reading a sheep cook book.

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