Well Joe Volpe is out saying that the Conservatives are secret members of the KKK. All of this stems from a poster that Tories came up with the heading "Libranos" and the poster being in the likeness of the mafia show the "Sopranos."

First off the response from the Tories was unbelievable... You'd almost think these guys are professionals or something. For them to get a demand for an apology in the very same headline as the assault that came, shows that maybe the Tories have gotten better at penetrating the Liberal media bias in this country.

I can still remember the Canadian Alliance campaign years ago where the Liberals went on the air waves calling Canadian Alliance supporters "racists, bigots and holocaust deniers." No other side. No debate about it. The media just reported it as fact. That was a fun campaign.

The unfortunate truth is that Canadians can't seem to understand that the Liberals are liars. You see Joe Volpe is a pathological liar. First he was against Same Sex Marriage and now he's for and he never explained how he magically changed his mind. The Liberals first wanted to get rid of free trade with the US and then they changed their minds. They hated the GST, then they loved it. Liars - Not Liberanos - Liars. If I'm wrong, please some left wing nutso correct me and explain those glaring discrepancies.

I'm telling yah, if anything drives a man to drink, it's got to be Canadian politics.

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