Why We Won't Go Into An Election...

The vote on the clear confidence motion in the government this past week that the Liberal Party ignored was 153 to 150 against the government. We should be already in an election now, but apparently the Liberal Party has no respect for Democracy. Normally a vote of confidence, if lost by the government, forces the Prime Minister to call an election. Apparently the Liberals don't consider a motion asking the Liberal Party to resign a vote of confidence. They only consider votes on the budget a matter of confidence. And have proposed a budget vote, that they will recognize as a vote of confidence, for Thursday.

During the last vote two Liberals were absent. Two Conservative MPs were ill but still managed to get in for the vote.

With those Liberals back in on time for Thursday, and Conservative MP Darrel Stynson's absence due to surgery on Wednesday, It will mean the vote will be 152 to 152. In the event of a tie the speaker of the house, a Liberal, casts the deciding vote.

That's why we won't be going into an election folks. The Liberals didn't choose Thursday for the new confidence vote for no reason. That's why Harper and the opposition wants to have the vote before Wednesday. The Prime Minister is playing the politics of desperation by using procedural loopholes, and people's illnesses to keep hold of power.

That is unless even one Liberal gets in a car accident, or gets delayed on a flight, or God messes around a bit...

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