Forget Parliament, the courts may decide if we go into election...

If the Tories pass a non-confidence motion the Liberals will ignore it according to Valeri. It wouldn't be the first time the Liberals used procedural back doors to ignore the will of parliament. This though could set off a constitutional firestorm that could lead straight to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The only recourse the opposition in parliament would have if the Liberals chose to ignore this vote would be to sue the government for breach of Parliamentary tradition. This is at least the way I read the laws of the land.

That would mean that whether or not we go into an election could be chosen by our famous non-elected patronage appointed Liberal judges in this country. And considering the allegations of people buying judgeships from the Liberal Party that the sponsorship scandal has highlighted, I'm sure that the justices will be less than fair. It would be a monumental surprise if the Supreme Court sided on the side of reason over the Liberal Party that they owe so much to.

Such an act by the Supreme Court of Canada would only further cement the view of the rest of the world that Canada has become a Banana Republic. It would also allow the Liberals to claim, as they have with previous court decisions, that any naysayers are just unwilling to listen to reason, and are just driven by a political agenda - no matter how preposterous that claim may be.

The only other thing I can see hapening is that the opposition could go to the Governor General, another Liberal patronage appointment, and ask her to hold an election because the vote proves the government does not have the confidence of the house.

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