Grewal Smart enough to Make a Recording

This hot off the newswire Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal made a recording of senior Liberals offering him a patronage appointment in return for his support on the government's budget:
Grewal had told media earlier Wednesday evening that the Liberals offered him a diplomatic post or a Senate seat for his wife in return for scratching their crucial budget vote.

The MP from Surrey, B.C., alleged he made an audio recording of an offer from Dosanjh and Tim Murphy, Prime Minister Paul Martin's chief of staff.

"I was approached early this week by Ujjal Dosanjh and asked to abstain or vote with the government on the budget vote," said Grewal, a three-term MP.

Let's get that recording released to media and posted on the internet please. I'm thinking of a Tory ad in the next election campaign already.

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