Blogging Liberals

Calgary Grit talks about Progressive Bloggers.

Apparently the Blogging Tories has really started something. Though I find it a little perplexing that 'Red Tories' would not feel comfortable as a member of the Blogging Tories. I've noticed more than a few bloggers on Blogging Tories that have so-called "progressive" views.

I think it's important for public discourse and the dissemination of information for something like 'Progressive Bloggers' to exist. Now I don't have to search for Liberal hogwash - I can get my daily dosage from one central source. It should save me loads of time.

The problem I have is with this whole 'Progressive' label. To CalgaryGrit and others I'm sure the policies that these Left-wing bloggers believe in are 'Progressive.' But to me and to a good chunk of Canadians they are anything but. To call them 'progressive' is both insulting and anything but 'progressive.'

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