More Smog Please...

I wonder how David Suzuki would respond to this. My guess is that he would dismiss the report as being part of the vast right wing corporate military industrial capitalist bible thumping disease/conspiracy.

One of the things that scientists, for the most part, won't admit is that most models produced so far on climate change for the planet can't predict a thing. They can't even explain previous increases and decreases in the average world temperature. Also over the last 2000 years the average world temperature was a lot higher than it is now. Especially during a period called the medieval warm period during the medieval age. That would indicate that a world rise in temperatures of a couple degrees Celsius would bring us a little bit closer to that climate in our history. According to the Kyoto projections, if CO2 emissions double, at most a 2 degree celcius rise should accord. I don't remember hearing about any environmental cataclysms happening at that time in history do you?

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