Daifallah's Lapse

Daifallah has decided to pre-judge an entire election campaign based on a single poll result.

Daifallah's a really smart guy. I wish I could have half the brain that guy has. But for whatever reason he's decided to bark the "Harper will probably loose" message.

Lately, Daifallah's back on the defeatist Harper mantra again:
Is it Stephen Harper? Is he that unpalatable to people in central Canada they will again hold their nose and vote Liberal? Is it that Ontarians are still scared of some "hidden agenda," even though the Tories have it in their policy manual that they will not legislate on abortion? Or is it just proof of the old wisdom that the only time an electorate is motivated to change governments is when the economy heads south?

Of course, the Tories could run a brilliant election campaign and still win government, although likely only a minority. But given their past performance, I'm not betting on it.

Let's be honest about this people: Canadians don't really understand what's going on. All they've heard is that some dirty business was going on. They really don't know the full depth of Liberal corruption. In a 54 day election campaign, I hope that by the end most do. Also keep in mind that the polls are literally shifting by 7% or more by the day. Anything is possible. That to me suggests that Harper is not unpalatable to Ontario. If anything it suggests that Harper is seen as a real choice.

As to the performance of Harper's team in an election campaign, I think Daifallah should be a little more generous than he is. Everyone loves to be a Monday morning quaterback. If you have problems with Harper, then those problems are with Harper. I don't think it's usefull for people to start defeating themselves before we're even in an election.

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