Lois Brown Vs. Belinda

I never thought of Lois Brown until I read Toronto Tory's latest post.

Lois Brown was the Conservative nominee that ran against Belinda Stronach in the Conservative nomination for the District Newmarket-Aurora. The vote, although I don't remember the exact numbers, was significantly close. At the time I remembered thinking two things.

The first was that if I was a Conservative party member that lived in that riding I'd be pretty upset at that point. Belinda was not active at all in politics in that riding. It's frustrating to see people come in from nowhere that jump in and want to take the nomination. Although that's the way it usually happens, the best candidates I believe are those that have been active volunteering and fighting for the Conservative brand in that riding - that is if you can find someone like that. I completely understood where people that supported Lois Brown were coming from.

The second thing I thought, was that all things being equal, I would have rather have had seen a Belinda win. A Belinda loss would have made it appear as if Belinda supporters and Red Tories were not welcome in the party. So I pretty much looked the other way when I noticed Belinda buying memberships like mad - and let's not kid ourselves folks that's how she won that nomination and defeated Lois Brown.

This time around Lois Brown will be a shoo in.

The question is how will Belinda fare against Lois Brown as a Liberal vs. a Conservative? It's money vs. honesty and integrity in Newmarket-Aurora.


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I agree. I will support Lois Brown on principle alone! She has the honesty, the integrity, and the long-term community involvement/commitment! Money doesn't have to win.... if we truly believe in the principles we all say we do, honesty and integrity MUST prevail!

  2. Well I sincerely hope you're right.

    I bit my tongue for a while on some of the inadequacies I noticed of Belinda while she was a member of the Party. But to be quite frank, she isn't fit to leader of pack of ducks let alone an auto parts manufacturer or a Prime Minister.

    She doesn't have the experience, or the knowhow. Lois Brown, as far as I've heard, does in bucket fulls over what rain drops Belinda has.

  3. It seems like a lot of people are reading this post all of a sudden.

  4. It's top ranked for searches on google for "lois brown" that's why... If any of Lois's campaign team wants me to do something special to this post to promote Lois a little more I'm all ears.