Stephen's Happy

On the eve of the most important vote in Canadian parliamentary history, former Tory leadership candidate Rich Kid Belinda Stronach defects to the Liberals... And this is the reaction of the Conservative Leader Stephen Harper:

I guess you could say Harper isn't exactly deeply sadened. And quite frankly neither am I. I feel a little bit more at ease now that I can voice some of the things that I've seen lately that are completely stupid coming out the blonde money bag. My favourite is when Harper's office released an instruction to all MP's not to speak to the media about the timing of an election until after they've had their caucus meeting. So what does good old Blonde money bags Belinda do? She stumbles over to the cameras just hours before and does exactly that generating a bad headline for the party the next day. I'm not sad she's gone. I'm jubilant she's gone.


  1. I have to say - I love Canadian politics :) It's so much more entertaining than this bull we have in the States. When I go to visit family in Alberta I always look forward to the Globe & Mail's take on what the hell is going on in Ottawa. Great blog!

  2. That grin on Harper's face is a mile wide. :)