Yikes! Bruce Gagnon...

T.L. James is not impressed with leftist anti-nukes in space crusader Bruce Gagnon.

Apparently he's found out that Bruce has a newfound friend in his crusade.

Project Prometheus is a project meant to use a nuclear reactor in a space probe. If successful, nuclear reactors could increase the lifetimes of probes significantly. Also, this technology would be usefull for missions where solar power becomes impractical... Like say a mission to Alpha Centauri? Of course that's probably a century or more away, but there are practical gains to be made by making the public more confortable with the idea of nuclear reactors in space. The foremost I can think of, is to make the public more confident with the idea of using nuclear technology for peaceful purposes in space.

Naysayers like Bruce Gagnon have really done a diservice to the cause of space exploration. Instead of using technology, which typically has been used to destroy, for something good, Gagnon and his types would rather scuttle it.

This has nothing to do with nuclear rockets, or the weaponization of space. When Bruce Gagnon uses the domain "space4peace.org" he's really fooling himself. What he's doing will ensure that space isn't used for peaceful purposes or non-peaceful purposes. He's ensuring that space won't be used at all.

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