AdScam Crapola

Now that Paul Martin, and Jean Chretien have made the rounds this pretty much sums up my opinions:
"You didn't have Perry Mason asking questions, you had Pepe Lepew. And I think that makes a difference."-Charles Adler

Paul Martin was right about one thing: Canadians are mad as hell. This inquiry was ridiculous. They put the two prime figures behind the government on the stand and it seemed as if no one was willing ask them any of the tough questions.

Well, Paul Martin got what he wanted out of this inquiry. Once it's over, and a few token recommendations are implemented, the Fiberal Party of Canada will continue on it's merry ways of padding their wallets with your money.

Canadians won't remember about AdScam by the time the next election rolls around. I'm thinking SSM will be forgotten too. It'll probably be another issueless election in store for us.

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