Arm the Iraqis

A well armed Iraqi is a well defended Iraqi:
The residents of a small Iraqi village have killed five insurgents who had attacked them for voting in last weekend's national elections.

Several other insurgents were also wounded.

The insurgents raided the village of al-Mudhiryah south of Baghdad after warning its inhabitants not to vote in the election.

The villagers fought back, killing five of the insurgents and wounding eight others.

The insurgents' cars were then set alight.

Al-Mudhiryah's tribal sheikh says his people are sick of being threatened by Islamic extremists.

I have the perfect solution to the Iraq Quagmire: arm the Iraqis. No dictator would ever come to power if enough of the population is armed. You wouldn't need a well trained Iraqi police force, or American forces anymore.

Afterall democracy and freedom in Iraq will only prevail if the Iraqis themselves are ready and willing to defend themselves against evil - at all costs.

Tip o' the hat to Curmudgeons (what's Curmudgeons anyway?).

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