Taking Risks

The Space Tourism sector is taking steps to set up Industry standards. Good on them. The thing that worried me the most was that the FAA would regulate this new industry to death before anyone managed to get off the ground - literally.

One official from the FAA was talking at one point about making sure passengers are "fully cognizant" of the risks before taking the flight. I wondered if she was suggesting passengers should be forced to take tests to certify their mental health.

I realize some people believe space enthusiasts are nuts, but no one is insane here. If I want to take a sub orbital jaunt, flying at thousands of metres a second, breaking the 100km mark for space you know you're taking a risk.

We have become obsessed with safety in today's world. Hopefully that won't kill space tourism.

Interesting that Elon Munsk was involved. He's only involved in cargo for now... I guess he really is planning on taking passengers one day.

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