LaFleur's Gravy Train

Reading about Jean Lafleur's 15 million dollar pay day, this morning, I wondered how much money Lafleur donated to the Liberal party.

So I did a little research from the good ol' folks at Elections Canada.

I don't know if "Jean H. Lafleur" is the same as "Jean Lafleur," but it doesn't really matter. He must be one or both of these guys. It's obvious he knew what his gravy train depended on.

I think I've gone through all the stages of acceptance for AdScam. At first I went through denial, not really believing it was as bad as everyone was saying it was. Then we found out it was worse. Then came anger. Sooner or later I started to fear the Liberals like a dissident fears a dictator. I even whent through a period of grief...

I think I'm honestly at that point where nothing that comes out AdScam surprises me anymore.

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