Controlling the Cannons...

Apparently Canada has a "fledging" space program more than eager to participate in BMD.

"This is all so typically very Canadian," added Mr. Rudd, executive director of the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies.

"We want to be in the tent, but at the same time stay virginal."

It is hie-larious that these boneheads in the Liberal party don't even want to be at the table when decisions are being made above Canadian airspace. This has to do with defense of the North American continent - you'd think that would interest the government of Canada. The truth is that if McKenna hadn't flown off the handle a week ago and talked about how Canada was already participating in missile defense, Martin would have eventually signed on when the time was more - let's say - politically expedient? Instead he had to come out against it to put out a fire that would have turned into an explosion at the next Liberal convention.

What we should be thinking about is how we can participate more in missile defense. If we don't want to loose completely our sovereignty as a nation we have to think about how we can buy this technology off the Americans and install a limited BMD system under our own control at home on Canadian soil. It wouldn't be much, maybe a couple missiles that could be used in tandem with a couple of monitoring satellites in Geosynchronous orbit. At least then it would be a made-in-Canada BMD system, and we would gain more respect from the US. Otherwise it's the US and only the US that has control of the airspace of the North American Continent.

If we don't control the cannons defending the fort, how do we expect to have any say at all, any respect, or any presence? Lucky for us the US wants to give a seat at the table. We could be sitting beside someone a lot less friendly.

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  1. I don't see how Canada having it's own system would lessen the need for cooperation with the US program. If anything, it would make cooperation more important - if Canada has a limited number of missiles I don't think it would be a good idea to waste one on an incoming missile the US has already targetted.