Suzuky, Gagliano, and a Couple of Beers

So Gagliano's upset at the media because he can't find a job.

Well I'm sure the media shares part of the blame, but I'm betting the fact that the market for fired scumbag thieve ex-ambassadors is probably pretty small might just have a little to do with the problem. What doesn't help is that, well... everyone seems to be contradicting him, and he can't seem to remember how many times he met Chuck Guite a month. And to top it all off he seems to change the number of times: first it's a little, then it's a little more, then it's frequent...

But don't feel bad for Gagliano, David Suzuky has problems of his own:
“I was shocked when I came here and saw all of the student parking lots. What the hell are students doing in cars?”

Um... I don't know, maybe they might be driving 'em David. You know, driving right David? What replaced the horse and buggy?

I desperately need a couple of beers...

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Dust My Broom. Dusty ain't rusty... I don't know anymore...

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