Quebequers want Landry out

I wonder who exactly was behind this poll. Somehow I doubt that this couldn't have some sort of political motivation.
“I will be leading the Bloc in the next election,” Mr. Duceppe said. “That's very clear. And I'm confident Bernard Landry will win the confidence vote.”

I'd like to think that Mr. Duceppe is not playing politics, but if he isn't he's doing a good job at playing it anyways.

By supporting Bernard Landry in this confidence vote he will get the benefit of boths sides of the fence: When Landry looses, those that support him will automatically see Duceppe as a natural choice for leader, as will those that wanted Landry out in the first place.

The interesting part is how he words his responses to these questions. It almost sounds like he's adding a qualifier to him not running for the position. It's sort of like he saying "I won't be running, because Landry should stay as leader." That leaves the door open a smidgeon. With the door that much open he could easily say when Landry get's the boot: "Well, I expected him to win, now the situation has changed."

If the situation has changed, it means he can change.

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