Defending MacKay

This is just a low blow even for a Liberal.

What does the personal life of Peter MacKay have anything to do with politics? This is definitely a new low even for Scott Brison.

I wonder how many speeding ticket's Brison's gotten lately? What date's has he been on lately?

You know, I don't defend MacKay much, but this time, this is just another example of the complete lack of class that the bunch of twits up in Ottawa has been showing lately.


  1. MacKay and Brison actually have quite a long history, even going back to their university days when MacKay was a popular student politician and sports star and Brison was an introvert.

  2. Anonymous11:57 PM

    So what, Brison commented on McKay's inept driving. McKay is a lame twit with a double digit most of his seatmates....

  3. Give me a break. You're telling me that the speeding tickets you get are fair play in the game of politics?

    If you've never gotten a speeding ticket in your life then please speak up... Otherwise how is that revelant to underfunding in the Military? How is it revelant towards healthcare? How is it revelant towards any of the issues that Canadians want us to debate?

    The awnser is it isn't. And those twits in Ottawa are pontificating on people's love lives and speeding tickets because apparently they enjoy wasting taxpayers money - especially Liberals.