Kenney proves Harper's point

Ironic, that on the same day that Jason Kenney gets ripped, Harper decides to make MP's vet their speeches.

Those of us on Kenney's side of the debate have to be very careful what we say and how we say it. No matter how well intentioned, we are the ones with everything to loose in this debate. If we don't say things exactly right we can offend, or give the impression of intolerance.

We have to make sure that whatever we say is always said with the up most respect, and tolerance for those on the other side of the debate. The last thing anyone wants to do is to belittle anyone, even if members of the Liberal Party are dead set on doing just that half the time.

Harper's move is the right one. I'm surprised it hasn't been done sooner. To be quite frank anything anyone says right know should have a freaking committee to vet it. It has nothing to do with trust, or respect, it has everything to do with reality. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes we regret what we say. Having more people skim through what we are about to say ahead of time, allows us to minimize those types of mistakes in the first place.

Although this wouldn't have stopped Kenney's comments from happening, at least it should prevent these types of inflammatory comments from coming out in the House of Commons no matter how true they might be or how overblown the media might turn them into.

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