Budget Predictions...

All right: budget time.


1.There will be some sort of tax cut. The Liberals will claim they were planning it all along. The truth is that the sucky Fiberals are ensuring the support of the opposition Conservatives .

2.There will be increased funding for the military. It will be small. And it will be badly needed. And the Lieberals will claim full credit for it. And they will be totally undeserving of the praise they will try to receive for it. In the end they will just get more criticism, since they're admitting guilt. Everyone will have no doubt now that the military is underfunded just as we've all been saying all along.

3.There will be spending on the Kyoto scam. It will be pointless and will achieve nothing, since they really don't intend on meeting the targets anyways. Ten years from now we'll learn about how this money was funneled to Liberal friends and loyalists somehow or another.

4.They will dole out the cash for large urban cities. Like typical Liberals they will ignore the fact that Canada is more than metropolitan centers. The cash will roll out, and the mayors will be kept docile and content while rural areas suffer.

5.They will create a new National Daycare program. Of course most Canadians would rather stay at home to raise their children if they could afford it, but that would interfere with the grand socialist experiment that Ken Dryden has in mind. Somewhere deep in Dryden's head he's thinking: "Why listen to Canadians when you can mold them to suit your own agenda?..."

6.Liberal pet projects from across Canada will get doles of taxpayers money, and there will be little or no proof of value gained.

That's all I know for sure. I'll get kicked in the pants at 4pm when I find out I'm completely wrong.

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