The Story of Two Polls

Apparently the Tories are screwed.

But wait! Then how does this make any sense?

Frank Graves is insane if he thinks he has any credibility at this point. Sometimes I wonder how much money he got out of AdScam.

Notice how the two polls almost overlap in time period? Also, they are within each other's margin of error statistically, except that Grave's EKOS Liberalisimo poll boosts up Liberal support and downgrades CPC support.

Notice also how Graves cleverly compares current support to levels from the last election? Big mistake. SES compares it to polling it's done since the fall. If Graves had done this, he'd realize that the Liberals are the one's trending downwards since last year.

I'd like to see the regional breakdowns as well. They both peg CPC support in Ontario a 32%, then I wonder how they are at 26% nationally. Usually Ontario support is lower than the national average.

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