SSM Extremists

Famous Players has pulled the SSM ads.

Famous Players had every right to run whatever ads it wanted to. It's their theatres they could run a circus in there and it wouldn't be anybody else's business.

That being said it's also my right to vote with my feet and never to go to a Famous Players theatre ever again. The boycott was a great idea, and it was successful in persuading Famous Players that they would loose business by doing this.

If Famous Players really wanted to, it could have continued the ads and lost the business. They made a management decision that they would like to actually make money, so they pulled the ads.

That being said if anyone made any death threats in this case, that would have been totally unacceptable. That being said, there are extremists on both sides. Micheal Coren lists the comments of wackos on the other side quite frequently.

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