Bush II the historical figure...

I'm sure you've all heard about the recordings by now...

What I can't understand is how this guy knew that Bush would be a historical figure.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think he's authentic in what he's saying. I believe he took the recordings without malice.

Still though, it's strange. I could never take secret recordings of someone of private conversations especially if it was a close personal friend. I think he was just quite frankly misguided. Either that or he's not telling the true motivation behind him making the tapes.

Though it couldn't have been to damage Bush, because he could have released the tapes during the election - if that's what he really wanted.

No, he's really doing this out a sense of history... But that brings me back to the question: how did he know that Bush would be the historical figure, that I think we all can agree, he will be today?

Bush was just the Governor of Texas talking about a potential run for President in 2000 back then in 1998. There was no 9/11. There was no threat of Terrorism.

Somehow he knew.

It makes you wonder who's out there right know, that only people like this Doug Wead know that they are destined to great things.

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  1. It is interesting you brought that thought up. Many of Bush's advisors have been with him for years. Karl Rove is one of those that "felt" GWB was destined for greatness. He's been around forever.