GlobalNational today...

Anybody else see Global National today? I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of reporting I saw done by the program. It usually is a pretty flashy program, but some of the research that was done seemed unusually high for a member of the main stream media.

The best part of the program was when they played a clip of Jean Chretien saying that him and the finance minister, after the last referendum, agreed to set aside fifty million dollars every year for a unity fund to be spent promoting Canada.

The next clip was of Paul Martin testifying at the Gomery inquiry responding to questions about the unity fund. Every time he was asked if he knew about the unity fund in 1995 he responded No...

Either Chretien or Martin is lying. That much was evident. The research was impeccable going all the way back to the last separation referendum. It was really a top notch job.

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