NDP Revelations...

Well who would have figured: the NDP is finally realizing that the government had no intention of ever implementing Kyoto.

The Paul Martin Liberals know that Kyoto is a treaty with a fantasy emission target that is about as achievable as seeing Paul Martin appearing on TV wearing nothing but his birthday suit. You're talking about a 30% reduction in emission levels - the highest reduction Canada ever achieved I think was in the 2 to 5 percent range and that was in a recession.

I don't think the Martinites would like a recession. So I don't be a thinking they'll be implementing Kyoto anytime soon. This is all just a PR campaign, trying to re-assure those enviro-fascists out there that the big ol' lib gov is on their side.

And to top it all off the government has spent 3.9 billion so far. 26 million of that is on these Ads issuing a so-called "1 ton challenge." Honestly do we expect people to suddenly start driving their cars by 30% less just because Rick Mercer tells them so?

Talking about Mercer he made a pretty penny in all this.

Let's ask the Alcock what he thinks about all this...

My sentiments exactly.

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  1. For a Liberal to be taken seriously do they have to "look angry and clench their fists"? Ala Martin's "mad as hell pose". Just curious