The Red Menace is Back.

Suzuki is half right and half wrong.

He's right in the sense that diversity is in the best interests of everyone. That actually is achieved when you think about it with the Free Trade and the globalization he despises so much. By braking down the walls between us, the greater the interaction, and the more we will learn from each other and hence become more diverse. The more we share information and values, the more we learn, and the more diverse our ideas become.

Not according to Suzuki. He seems to think that we become more diverse by isolating ourselves and by building up walls, like communist regimes have done all across the planet.

I loved the piece of Socialist propaganda he spews when he mentions the great scientific discoveries that have been made under Communist regimes. He forgets to mention their brutal dictatorships and their draconian censorship regimes that furthered their isolation and prevented the dissimation of information that would have led to a more "diverse" culture.

The communists didn't want a more diverse world. They wanted a world molded in their own image: everything owned in common. I guess the Red Menace never died.

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  1. Half right and half wrong?

    I guess that has a diversity all of its own.