Consult us before you shoot it down, eh....

Paul Martin is worthy of a Comedic Award over this one.

How do they expect to consult with Canada, if they aren't sitting at the table? This is ridiculous. Either we participate or we don't.

Here's a little lesson in warfare: The guy with the bigger gun that can shoot farther wins. For years the territory that governments control over the Earth's ocean's has depended primarily on how far land based cannons can fire. The same can be said for airspace. It's the person that can shoot the highest that controls it.

The US doesn't have to consult with anyone. So long as it has the capability to shoot down a missile over Canada - it will. If Paul Martin is so stubborn that he can't cooperate with common sense then it's his problem.

Does anybody in their right mind actually believe that if the Americans detect a missile heading towards the US over Canada that they will think twice before shooting it down over Canadian airspace? What will Canada do? Our military is so devastatingly underfunded we could never stop them.

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