Them's Fighting Words...

Things just feel great when Liberals fight with each other.
Mr. Cauchon and Mr. Coderre say they support the Liberal party's tradition of alternating between anglophones and francophones but say it is unclear how the current Prime Minister should be characterized.

That's just a pleasant way of saying that no one can nail Martin down on what and who exactly he is. It's a little funny that the Liberals spend so much time worrying over something so ridiculous. Pretty much since confederation the Liberals have had a tradition of alternating between francophone and anglophone leaders. The question is Martin, an MP from Quebec, who's father was an MP from Windsor Ontario, an anglophone or a francophone?

Why does any of this matter? Because in Liberal land we need linguistic equality in this country. Never mind about whether the guy is really a competent leader that deserves the post. Liberals care more about enforcing equality no matter if it means electing a nicum-poop. A person's credentials has always been last on the list for the Liberal Party.

After all that's how this country got Paul Martin.

Hey who cares anyway? Let the Liberals rip each other apart. The country will be better for it.

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