Canadians Don't Believe Chretien

Apparently a majority of Canadians don't believe Martin or Chretien's testimonies. If Williams is right then that confirms one theory about why Paul Martin called the election early instead of waiting for the fall. He was afraid of what would come out of this inquiry.

Though I have to admit to being disappointed thus far. The Gomery commission has revealed nothing we didn't know already. When Chretien and Martin made appearances the commission seemed almost to turn into a propaganda push for the Liberal party. Not that I didn't expect that, but I did expect some of the inquiries lawyers to come out swinging on the behalf the Canadians they swindled in the first place.

I desperately hope Williams is right, and that they will peal back the layers of secrecy and find out where exactly the money went to. I hope we'll get justice once and for all.

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