CRRF a Liberal/NDP club...

Why is the CRRF involved in this debate?
I don't know about you, but I don't think of members of the gay and lesbian community as another race.
Pat Case, chairman of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, blasted the Conservative leader for suggesting the legalization of same-sex marriage is the "latest fad" of the Liberal government.

"To brush off this very important issue ... is the government's fad du jour is disrespectful to the important work we do every day," Case said.

When I read this I started thinking. I started to think about Brock On the Attack and Stephen Taylor...

Doing a little research I found out that the Board of directors of CRRF contributed $2,398.66 to the Liberal Party since 1994. They also contributed $2,132.00 to the NDP.

There were no other donations reported to Elections Canada to the Conservative Party or the BQ.

Maybe there is a good reason for the CRRF to be involved in this debate - If there is someone please enlighten me. Either way, considering their donation history, they obviously aren't the most unbiased bunch.

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