Abortion Freedom

Mississipi could very well become the first Abortion free jurisdiction in America.
What's interesting is the tactics Pro-Lifers have employed:
Pro-Life Mississippi has made life hell for the abortionists, digging up material from lawsuits involving doctors with ties to clinics. Using cases where women have alleged poor treatment, common enough in the litigious US, they have pressured state authorities to take action.

And officialdom has done their bidding, revoking doctors' licences, launching hygiene swoops and endlessly checking paperwork and demanding more of it.

Basically they are using Government regulation and over-regulation to bring them down. If this works it'll be a matter of time before these tactics spread so far north they may cross the border.

What's important is that the people at the face of the movement in Mississipi are not black or white, but seem to be all women. It's an issue that the pro-life movement has had in the past. The best people to spread the pro-life message aren't middle aged white guys, but women - particularly younger women.

Whenever anyone sees a representative from any pro-life movement it should always be a woman and never a man. Men can work in the background, but the pro-life movement needs to get more media smart. It looks like that's what they've done in Mississipi.

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