Warren Kinsella In Fantasy Land

Warren Kinsella's March 11th posting was the worst political spin I have ever seen on a serious and deeply saddening story in the US about a judge shot to death by an accused criminal who stole a gun from the deputy beside him. The criminal was eventually caught, but this is what the ever living in fantasy land Warren Kinsella had to say about it:
The shooter hijacked a reporter's green Honda. We, meanwhile, are now (a) at Atlanta and (b) on I-75, where police are looking for the green Honda. Being Canadians, we are unused to this sort of thing (viz., our daughter has even written down the Honda's plate number, because we saw it on CNN at lunchtime, and is on the lookout). Being Americans, the Georgians we have talked to barely seem to be aware that anything is out of the ordinary.

Traffic on the Interstate is at a crawl, or stopped, as police search for the shooter. Things like this just don't happen every day in our neighbourhood, back in the snowy North.

In other words things are just so much better up here, because the Americans are so much worse off.

Warren is obviously oblivious to stories like this:

A 30-year-old Ottawa man is in police custody after three of his family members were found dead in their home Sunday morning.
"I got shock," neighborhood resident Michel Abdulnour told CJOH News. "Why here? Because they are nice neighbours here." His son Chady added: "It's very quiet here (in) the neighbourhood. I've never heard of this kind of stuff."

The Maxheleaus took frequent walks in the neighborhood. Michel Abdulnour described them as "nice, nice people."

I think Warren's problem is he selectively reads tragedy stories that only support his own world view. He would be better to take a look around at reality. If he did he would realize that no one nation on the planet is perfect, and no one nation is without those that are evil and commit evil acts.

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