Tim Horton's Vs. The Enviro-Nutsos

Courtesy of Neale News, we have Tim Hortons' Vs. The Enviro-Nutsos.

I'm a little confused by this. Are they saying this is problem because of the increased garbage it creates, or is it because of the supposed increased littering that happens?
People buy more coffee during the contest and often carelessly toss out the non-winning cups, said Don Dick, Alberta director of Pitch In Canada, a national non-profit organization concerned about the proliferation of packaging and its effects on the landscape.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't they be tossing out the cups anyways? If the answer is no, because people wouldn't be buying as much coffee if it weren't for the contest, then really they are complaining about Tim Horton's selling to much coffee.
"If they want . . . people to buy their product, there's better ways to go about it..."

But based on what they just said before wouldn't that mean less people buying their product? That's probably the real meat of this problem. Enviro-nutsos are willing to force everyone else to drink less coffee so they can save a little garbage.

But if this isn't about how much garbage we make, and it's about litter then this is a little like attacking the supplier when you should be attacking the perpetrator. If people are going to litter they will do it with whatever cups they have - regardless if it's Timmies or not.

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