So much for secret plans...

Does this really surprise anyone?

Iran's only recourse is to develop a nuclear weapon. What other options are really available? It's long term viability as a nation depends on it being able to sustain control. The only way to keep control is through power. Iran as a nuclear power would change the balance of the entire middle eastern political situation. That includes both Iran's internal political situation, as well as the region's.

No one, not even the US would invade Iran if it had a nuclear bomb in its arsenal. And furthermore Iran needs to show a strong hand against its foes if it has any hope of convincing the populace that it isn't nearing collapse.

That leaves Israel little choice as well. Iran has declared itself to be Israel's mortal enemy on numerous occasions. I don't see any other choice for Israel to make but to protect itself from a Nuclear Iran.

That being said Canada should mind its own business and stay out of the affair. Diplomatically it should use whatever means it has to convince Iran not to pursue that course, but realistically they will anyways for the reasons listed. It should do it anyways for the sake of hope.

Getting involved militarily by either the US or Canada is a quagmire waiting to happen. It would be better to let Israel take the initiative in this situation. After all they're the ones that are really affected by this.

Tip o' the hat to Nealenews.

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