Terri Killers

Democrats are having a press conference on Terri Schiavo's case. None of them have argued against Terri being conscious or alive.

They are arguing that it would have been Terri's wish to end her life. One congresswoman said for us to think about when we have gone to a funeral in the past and said "God forbid I was in that situation..." They are also arguing for states rights - but Democrats don't believe in States Rights when it comes to medicaire or education or on any other issue - so why now?

Well, apparently Terri's parents and family, have no clue, according to congressional Democrats, what Terri's desires would be at this point.

And for the Democrats to use arguments for Euthenasia of Terri Schiavo is disengenious. Who would want to go through the pain of dying through starvation? That's not dignified death - that's murder. And that's exactly what will happen unless Congress passes this bill.

Democrats will never get elected if they bring down this legislation. They will be known as the people that killed Terri Schiavo.

This is about a woman's right to life. And I'm sorry, but that's every government's business to protect that most fundamental right. That trumps any state's rights.

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