The Big Monte

Monte Solberg just got slapped silly by the main stream media. You can read the post in question that got Monte in big todoo here.

What did he expect? Monte ol' buddy and pal are you telling me that you didn't see this coming?

When I first found out about Monte's blog my first reaction was blind faced mind numbing fear. To have a sitting member of parliament post daily comments on the internet in public for everyone to see... It was a deadly airbus crashing into the 401 type accident waiting to happen. Even though I noticed the Solberg was taking great pains to choose his words wisely and carefully in every single little post - it didn't matter in the end.

As I figured, this would lead to no good. His opponents have obviously just been waiting until he said the slightest controversial thing to ripp him one.

My second reaction to Monte's blog was that this was great. The Solberg is an unbelievably clever, smart, and talented guy. He was offering an inside look into what was really happening in the inner entrails of the bowels of crappy Ottawa.

Should have seen this coming Monte. Now the question comes will the Solberg be able to keep this infamous blog going? I think that'll depend on the way the group of 99 reacts.

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