Enough corruption for everybody...

First the CBC breaks this story:
Cochrane, 58, pleaded guilty in an Ottawa court Friday on charges of fraud and breach of trust.

He admitted in court that he and his family received more than $200,000 in cash and gifts in exchange for funnelling more than $70 million in contracts to a native addictions foundation in Manitoba.

On a different note the Red Star does some reporting for once:
Most of the 67 witnesses heard so far by Justice John Gomery have failed to tell the truth to the commissioner about the operation of the now-defunct $250-million program, Harper told reporters outside the Commons. "What can also be concluded is that virtually everyone there is lying and not telling us what they know," he said.


Asked if he was saying that Martin and Jean Chr├ętien lied when they testified at the Gomery commission last month in Ottawa, Harper replied, "I will just say that a lot of people aren't telling everything they know, and I think that is obvious, and I will let Justice Gomery make the specific conclusions."

I should have figured. If the stench of corruption is so bad in one single Fiberal government program, what makes us think it's any different in any other government program?

Corruption is abound in crappy Ottawa.

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