Brain Fart

Harper at one point during his closing address referred to a conversation he had with his Communications guy months before the convention asking him what headlines the party should be looking to get out of this convention. His response was that if everything went for the worse the headline would be "Conservative Party Divided." If all went for the best the headline would read "Harper Papers over Cracks."

I doubt anyone in the main stream media was particularly happy with those comments. But the media should be ashamed at their behaviour at this convention.

First they dig up recycled news on a flyer that was released 2 weeks ago as new news, and then they take the emotional comments of MacKay coming out a workshop and broadcast it as national news. They were looking for a bad story, and they made one up.

MacKay I don't think was clearly thinking through what he was saying when he said it. Someone I know said he had a "brain fart." And that's about what it was. He made a mistake and the media hung us out to dry for it when there so many other positive things they could have mentioned like the amazing speech by John Baird, or the great speech from Harper on Friday night.

What really scares me is that the media - the source for all our news - can so drastically misrepresent events. I went to the convention. And I'm telling you there were two conventions: the one I went to, and the one the media went to.

I only noticed this after someone remarked about it to me, but apparently when the 84% approval rating was mentioned for Harper, which was much greater than the 70% initially predicted by the idiots at the Mop & Pail, the media almost seemed glum. Kind of like "Shucks no way to paint the party as a racist, facist, intolerant, or divided..."

Rick Mercer looked positively nervous in a convention of over 2700 conservatives.

And leave it up to the Mop & Pail to come up with the one possible negative headline they could: "Tories Vote To Support Traditional Marriage." Oh, how horrible... Thanks buddy, and thanks for Jane Tabers obsession with old men whacking Scott Reid in the back. You know what Jane - I'm suprised only one person whacked Scott. Nice job on reporting the news.

Here's the truth about the convention:
-It was the largest political convention in Canada
-The Motion suporting the Traditional Definition of Marriage passed with 75% support garnishing a majority in a majority of provinces and terroritories including Quebec.
-The resolution preventing a Conservative government from pasing a bill on Abortion passed by a narrow 55% to 45% margin - though it wasn't news anyways since Harper already made that commitment himself. I voted against the resolution, and I didn't expect it to pass. Elsie Wayne was amazing. She couldn't have fought a better fight for the Pro-Life movement if anyone could.
-Unfortunately MP Recall was defeated.
-The party took the stance that Private options in healthcare should be explored - so Ralph Klein won't be able to derail a federal campaign in the future.

Question everything. Never trust anything that comes from the Red Star, Mop & Pail, and especially the Not-So-Conservative Post.

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