Government in the way of space exploration...

I would cry over this but I'm too darn tired right now to do anything.

T/Space's bid to build the CEV was kind of like the David vs. the Goliath story in terms of NASA contracts. T/Space assembled a team that include people like Burt Rutan that built and designed Space Ship One, and a host of other people from the so-called alternative space movement.

They were unconventionals in a land of big government.

The CEV contracts will probably go now to the usual suspects of those big aerospace companies that are addicted to government money so much they wouldn't know a cost reduction measure if it slapped them squarely in the face.

No the only way humanity is ever going to be a more than one world species is if the government backs off from the arena of space and private industry steps in.

Hence the title of this blog.

Must get sleep soon.

Tip o' the hat to Transterrestrial. Rand Simberg, for whatever reason I both like and dislike everything you say...

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