Dithering Promise Keeper

From the Toronto Star:
"We offered a plan to help Canadians seize their potential. And we have delivered on our word. Time and again, we have sent the same message to Canadians: Promise made, promise kept."-Paul Martin

So after I stopped laughing, I asked myself the question what promises has Paul Martin broken?

Well the first promise broken was that we would get to the bottom of the sponsorship scandal before the last election. Next came his position on Anti-Ballistic Missile defense, and not to forget that pesky same sex marriage issue.

If it weren't for William's wrangling, he may not have delivered on another promise too: letting provinces keep all off shore oil revenues.

But Martin would much rather focus on the promises he's kept. You know, the new deal for cities, the (ahum!) Health Care fix for a generation, and the grand socialist experiment of National Day Care.

But hey who's counting?

1 comment:

  1. funny he didn't talk about his promise to make a Child Porn bill his top priority as a promise kept. He did introduce the bill as promised yet it sits there in first reading while we will see the SSM bill skate through without a bump...