Hollywood's Conversion

Man o' Lou! This is the best spin I've seen from a lobby group in a while.

It's targeting right to heart of the Bush Presidency, that dreaded group everyone loves to hate - moral conservatives.
"We want to call on our friends in the studios to continue this trend and to continue to distribute to us family titles, because that's where we sell more movie tickets," John Fithian, the group's president, said at ShoWest, an annual convention of theater owners.

Because as we all know, sex-craven, morally oblivious, shock factor driven Hollywood has always pushed family titles. You know, it's not like they've been at all hostile to those in so-called "middle america" in the past. And it's not like they've snubbed religious movies like the Passion in the past... The Hollywood spinters must be working over time in Krazyfornia.
Like Valenti, Glickman said his biggest task is fighting movie piracy. Illegal copies of major films, often shot by camcorders off movie screens, can turn up for download on the Internet the same weekend the movies open. Pirated DVDs show up just days later.

Oh... So that's what this is all about. You see the Hue Hefner's need help from the feds to get this movie piracy thing sorted out. But they need the Dubya's help to do it.

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