Another Haper Convention Flip-Flop

Dan Dugas must think he's a funny funny man:
OTTAWA (CP) - The Conservative party has reversed another policy for its Montreal convention - one that would have literally interfered with the chairing of meetings and tabling of documents.

Organizers have changed their minds and ordered more tables and chairs for the media room when the convention begins Thursday.

The first plan called for about 20 seats in the press room, even though organizers expect over 100 media representatives.

"It was a budgetary thing - either tables, chairs, or coffee, and we went with the coffee," said an official earlier in the week.

After word reached Conservative Leader Stephen Harper's office, word went out that the whole point to a convention is to get coverage, and that includes providing tables to write on and chairs to sit on.

No word on how the coffee supply will be affected.

The party earlier reversed itself on a process that would have avoided debate on hot-button social issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

Why does it seem that it is somehow plausible that you could open the Red Star one day and find this as a legitimate story instead of the joke it is?

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