CAUTION: Sales Taxes may be hazardous to your health...

Mark Whittington is in love with the idea of a national sales tax.

Canadians have a little experience in this category. The last time a Conservative government was in power in this country (over 15 years ago) a national sales tax was introduced called the GST...

My understanding is that those fighting for a sales tax said that a consumption based tax system would make the system more fair and simplified. So introducing a sales tax means nothing to those fighting for it unless income taxes and all other taxes are eliminated.

The GST was introduced in this country over 15 years ago. We still have an income tax. We still have taxes rates that are increasing every year. Today we work more for the government then we do for ourselves (That isn't an exageration).

The GST has become the most notoriously hated tax in Canadian history. It was part of the reason why the Conservative movement split in two in this country and started it's long journey in the wilderness before we re-unified.

Just a word of caution.

John Linder may have good intentions... But something tells me not everyone does. Some people will try to use this as an excuse to raise taxes - especially those RINO's in the US that didn't like the Bush tax cut.

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