Terri's Last Days

I've been trying to avoid saying anything on Terri Schiavo lately. Curmudgeons has been blogging a storm for his part. Although I can tell by the way he's blogging lately that I'm not alone right now. Part of the reason I haven't said much is because I really don't know how to react...

Terri never had a lawyer present to represent herself during her trial proceedings. You would figure that a judge would appoint someone to represent her interests in these proceedings - or else how would an opposing point of view be included in the trial?

Terri's parents, and many friends have gone on record to say that Terri would have never wanted to die under these circumstances.

Doctors, including a Nobel Nominated Neurologist, have questioned whether Terri is really incapable of consciousness. Her CAT Scans have been posted on the internet and respected doctors have questioned court doctors opinions that her brain was incapable of thought.

Terri has been given pain killers by the hospice where she's been cared for. No explanation has been given of why Nurses would feel the need to give pain killers to someone that is supposedly incapable of feeling pain.

A Nurse that cared for Terri has gone on the record saying that Micheal Shiavo once said "When is that bitch going to die?" She said she also thought Terri was capable of thought, and was conscious.

Terri's brain damage has never been explained. It's only theorized that she was bulimic and this was the cause of the brain damage. However when ambulance personnel first came on the scene the case was originally labeled a homicide. Again no one has explained why the police never investigated further.

How do I feel? I feel like the world has been turned upside down. Those that feel that Terri Schiavo should die I don't think are aware of these facts. Much of this evidence was suppressed during the trials. And quite frankly I get the impression that some people are just more willing to label this as being a pet issue of the "Christian Right," and that it's part of their agenda. It's a convenient stereotype to use. This has nothing to do with agendas. And quite frankly many Democrats I'm sure agree with me on this issue. This has to do with a disabled woman's right to live.

I only know only one thing. If Terri dies, then nothing will be same.

Addendum: Ralph Nader has come out in support of Terri Schiavo.

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