Super Size That!

Apparently Super Size me was a scam.

For those that know me, you know that I know a little bit about the subject of weight loss. You also know I've been saying that supersize me was a lot of crap a long time ago.

If you don't like hearing the truth about weight loss don't read on. Otherwise here it goes.

Atkins is a waste of time. Counting fat means nothing. If you eat "healthy" it does not mean you will loose weight. Those are three of the biggest myths in weight loss.

The only surefire way of loosing weight is to eat less in calories than your body burns out. So by exercising your body uses more energy hence you loose weight. What people don't realize is that you can't eat anything you want and simply burn it off. To be 250+ pounds you would have to work out literally 6 hours a day just to keep a flat stomach. Basically you would have to be either be a body builder or a hockey player.

The only real way most of us to loose weight is to eat less in calories each day. So yes that means for most of you that do want to loose weight you have to count calories. The real reason why dietitians and doctors want you to exercise while you loose weight, is because if you loose weight without exercise you will loose more muscle.

Oh and by the way, realistically you're looking at loosing 1 to 1.5 pounds per week. Anything more and you start experiencing hormonal imbalances. That's just an average, reality is that it will fluxuate like you won't believe. Sometimes you will gain 3 pounds in a week and wonder what's going on. The next week you will loose 6 pounds and wonder if your body is on crack or something.

But of course people knew that 30 years ago. It just wasn't an easy sell to people. That's why today nutritionists will settle on "strategies" to get you to loose weight. They look at a the fact that most people will eat fatty foods which are high in calories. So they'll tell everyone to stop eating the fatty foods, figuring that if they do and we change our diet to other foods lower in calories we will loose weight. What we end up doing is we end up eating more of lower calorie foods and we get stuck in the same place.

I'm not saying that eating fatty foods isn't unhealthy. All I'm saying is that these types of things have nothing to do with loosing weight and people will always confuse them. Trust me, you can be 290+ pounds, have low blood pressure, and have low cholesterol. It has nothing to do with whether you eat a McDonald's everyday or not.

This is my favourite quote:
"Just because he's saying there's weight loss, doesn't mean it's healthy weight loss. It may not be sustainable," said Megan McCrory, an associate professor at the School of Nutrition and Exercise Science in Kenmore, Wash. "He's probably losing weight because he's burning more calories than he's eating.

Today estimates are that 2/3 of overweight people simply overeat. Some professor of nutrition.

Basically it means that day in and day out, you will always have to count your calories and keep at a certain number to either loose or maintain your current body weight. It is a daily struggle. You can calculate the number of calories you need to be certain body here. There are a myriad of calculators for calories you burn in a day just search under "Calorie Calculator" on google and you'll be set.

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